This one goes to the hardworking, high achiever, restless woman.

You have been working very hard in your life.

You have been in the daily grind and you are very tired, feeling dry, empty, really burdened, and you feel like you’re going to crack, and you don’t know what to do.

This is a message from the creator of the universe to beckon you to slow down.

It doesn’t mean that you are quitting.

It doesn’t mean that you are lazy.

We live in a world where grit and virtue are celebrated. We are proud of it because we are strong women, right? But because of that, there are many women who find it very difficult to take a back seat when they need to take a back seat in life.

They feel that when they are sick, they feel guilty.

They feel ashamed that maybe they are lazy.

Maybe they are good for nothing. You know, these words are very ingrained in our memories.

Here’s a story of a client of mine, a high achiever, who finally gave herself permission to rest.

A wrong message from the past: “You are not enough.”

During our emotional digging session, she was brought back to a time when she was excited to show her dad her report card because she had gotten second in class. And when she showed her dad her results, she was expecting her dad to be really, really, proud of her. But her dad said this, “Why didn’t you get first?”

Because of that, her 9-year old self received that reply as “you are not good enough.”

This hurt her so bad that she carried it through her life.

She fought through ups and downs in life. She tries very hard to pick herself up again after falling countless times, to be positive again, to practice spiritual rituals like pray, have faith, you know, but it doesn’t work.

So what’s the problem? The problem is this hidden hurt that made her feel that she’s not good enough.

And her recent business failure was a reminder that she didn’t do enough, again.

So what I’m trying to say is that when she went through that she didn’t allow herself to heal. She kept

trying to find solutions to fix her problem.

She had many steroid jabs. She went to try all kinds of health supplements. She bought ridiculously,

expensive products. This new thing, that new thing,

She’s trying very hard to do what she knows to be well again, but it didn’t work until we worked together. We dealt with what was undealt with as a child where she felt she’s not good enough.

A new perspective: “I am enough. I am allowed to rest and recharge.”

After our counseling and emotional digging sessions, she allowed herself for the first time to be tender, kind, thoughtful, and compassionate to herself.

This is something that’s very hard to do for typical high achievers to ask for help to ask for support. It’s a struggle for us to say, “You know what? I want to take a break and slow down. I want to reconnect with myself and heal what is unheard.”

This sounds like a wimpy, weepy, whiny, moany kind of behavior that typical high achievers can’t tolerate.

But I want you to know and I want to invite you to give yourself permission to rest.

Say to yourself, “I will give you permission. I give you permission to rest, to slow down, to make an appointment with yourself.”

You don’t have to quit your job. You don’t have to do something dramatic. You can take a day off.

You can set aside your weekend and cancel some appointments you want to cancel and not feel bad about it.

Unapologetically be kind to yourself.

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Listen to the full message of this article in my IGTV episode entitled “Who told you you were useless?”