Feeling jealous? That’s normal. We are human beings. So the next time you feel jealous, like the tinge of sourness in you, don’t be ashamed about it. You are normal.

And instead of staying jealous, I have a quick breakthrough tip for you.

Once upon a time, I had a three-day, two-night VIP breakthrough experience with one of my clients. And I asked her this very powerful question.

“What is something you don’t want me to know about you?

And after a long pause, she said, “I’m jealous of you, Val.”

And I let that sink into me, and I said, “Okay,” and I asked her a rhetorical question.

“What if being jealous of me is an excuse that you’re not taking action on what you really, really want in your life?”

And that broke her. She teared up, and it was like an unforgettable counseling and coaching session.

You know, there was a part of herself where she forgot that,

“Hey, isn’t that what I want too, and if I want it, I can ask for it too from the creator of the universe.”

You see, there is a lesson revealed in our jealousy.

Lesson 1: Jealousy Reveals Your Hidden Desires

When you’re jealous, it somehow brings your hidden desires into light.

For example, you saw a social media post of someone having a fun holiday and you feel jealous, maybe it is deep down you crave the freedom to play.

Maybe you are a hardworking person, you work all day, all night.

You are running a business, or you are doing taking on really great responsibilities at work, but maybe you have become a person who has forgotten how to play and seeing people able to enjoy triggers you.

When you hear people really laughing out loud and you think to yourself, “I was that person.”

So what do you really want? What is the feeling you crave? My advice is for you to write it in your journal. When you are clear that is what you want in your life, you can ask the Creator of the universe for it.

Lesson 2: Don’t make “feeling jealous” an excuse. You are divine enough to ask and receive your desires.

Once you’ve written it down, you don’t have to stop there. Ask the creator of the universe. You can have your conversation or prayer something like this:

“Dear creator of the universe, I would love to have the freedom in my life.

Thank you for showing me how.

Thank you for showing me what I can do next to feel a little more free.

What can I do next to feel a little more abundant in my life.

Lesson 3: Make your desires a reality by starting small.

“What can I do next to feel a little bit more beautiful?”

Maybe sometimes it’s as simple as buying a lipstick or treating yourself to a coffee date for no reason.

Make time to feel rich; richness in your freedom, richness in your time, time for yourself.

The next time you feel jealous, read this article or listen to the IGTV video on this topic.

Sending you good energy this moment.