Have you ever experienced a time when you keep finding yourself in ‘negative’ situations?

The emotions are intense. 

The people involved drained you. Emotionally. Mentally. Spiritually.And even 😷physically

You’re literally struck with migraine, body ache, insomnia, skin breakouts, or so.

Before you’re sucked further into the drama.

Before you break down & snap.

For the love of your well-being….please pause and take a deep breath.

You see. I know how that feels like. And the temptation to vent all that heaviness is real.

I want to pour out the dark stuff on social media.

I want to complain about it to everyone.

Before I know it….

I’m the one spreading the ‘negative’ energy myself.

And then I realize….. I’m becoming a Drama Magnet.

I’m so glad that’s just my history. I’m so over being a Drama Magnet!

Here’s the truth: It is possible to say goodbye to a chaotic, high-drama life – without trying to please everyone.

It IS possible to no longer need ‘drama’ to prove that ‘I’m strong to overcome’. AND still enjoy healthy relationships with the people who matter to you. 

It IS possible to be anchored in peace & live a life of grace – without the stress of trying to change the people around you.

But first: Protect your energy. Retreat. Detach. From the ‘drama’ (unless you actually like drama that much!) 

Take time to recover – PRIVATELY. With the right people. Then watch your world SHIFT from Drama to Peace.