You know, every start of the month is like a new beginning in a way, or you can see it as a new path from the last month.

I want to give you two main steps that I personally take (which my clients also apply) to maximize the joy of newness, live more intentionally, instead of haphazardly.

Maximize your new month by reflecting on your past month

What is that one big thing that is unresolved in your life?

Thing that maybe you have been distracting yourself away from resolving it, or you have been not brave, you don’t feel safe?

There are things that, deep down you know that you have to face it, you have to deal with it.

So what’s that one thing?

It could be a non-closure like you don’t have closure with somebody. You know you need to speak to that person but you don’t want to.

Or you have something left undone; maybe it’s as simple as an unpaid bill that you haven’t paid.

Or it’s that one thing that has been niggling in your mind but you just want to brush away.

I want to encourage you to make space for that, to clear that out first before you go running into the new month making new goals, because it stacks up, right?

It’s just like sweeping things under a carpet and then pretending not to see it and then we bring in new furniture that’s going to clutter the house.

So, what’s that one big thing you want to clear from the previous month?

Nourish yourself for the new month.

After you’ve cleansed what needs to be cleansed out of your way, you now need to nourish or add on what you would like in your life.

Instead of telling yourself, “oh my God, I want one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 kinds of things”, pick one big thing you want to focus on.

Pick a theme that you want to focus on in the coming month. For example, in this new month, you want to choose “generosity”. You would like to concentrate on giving more without any expectations to the people around you.

“I’d love to commit myself to be a more generous person.”

One simple thing is to actually pick a value, like generosity, or love, or you want more peace in your life in your new month.

Instead of three things or five things, so one thing to focus on, one big thing to focus on.

When you set that intention, when you have that focus and ask the Creator of the Universe about it, things will start to align. The Universe will help you experience that in this new month.

Bonus: Be part of a community

You’re not called to live this journey alone. I invite you to join our secret group filled with dream girls who want to maximize each day, just like you. We share our one big thing at the start of the month and together align ourselves to that. Click here to join this secret group on Facebook.