Are you the person who has been switching jobs each time your contract ends? Over the last five years, how many times have you transferred from one kind of work to another? Do you feel like life is so unstable for you?

This Breakthrough Women Program podcast helps us discover why. At this episode, Valerie Grace answers the problem of a woman who has been believing all her life that she’s good for nothing. Embracing this identity, she has lived her life compromising her own future.

Save yourself from living this lie of similar kind by listening to this podcast. Here are some highlights to watch for:

  • [3:10] “If only I could find the best job or the best boss”. We have heard (or spoken!) such a line for countless times. But Valerie Grace wisely shared that these are not enough to keep you where you are. Interesting right? Listen to her wisdom now.
  • [6:15] At this point, Valerie Grace invites you once again to a tour down the memory lane. Take your napkin, some old diaries, and a cup of tea. Don’t take this lesson easily. Listening to this part here might lead you to closing a chapter in your past which you have been allowing to still live and affect your present-day.
  • [9:50] This is one good thing about the Breakthrough Woman podcast, you have to listen with your pen and paper. Why? If you want the fullness of the truths the program is teaching, apply it on your papers. At this part, Valerie throws questions that need your attention and self-seeking.
  • [14:14] Radio host Andrea shares with us her take on Valerie’s advice. Trust me, she’s sharing quite interesting view here which sums up the entire podcast.

Get the transcript for this episode here.