What are the existing ‘crap’ in your life that’s costing your peace of mind?

For me, the 5 biggest ‘crap’ I took massive action to clean & clear thoroughly in my life so far were:

1) Disempowering relationships. They seem to be very good at reminding you how incapable or unlovable you are. Forgive them. Set boundaries.

2) People who play with my Trust & Time. 

These are people who keep changing their mind / dish you lame excuses about why they can’t keep their promises to you. Forgive them. Protect your time & energy for those who show you they respect yours too.

3) People who are unresponsive to me (eg. in dating/at work). Forgive them. Set boundaries. Appreciate those who respond to you

4) Business Debts ($157,000). 

It’s more painful to stay as a slave to debt than to learn how to create income! Forgive Yourself. Learn the lesson so you don’t have to learn it again.

5) Any form of late payments I owed – be it phone bills or subscriptions to anything. When you’re faithful with the little, then you will be given much. Show the Universe you’re capable of managing more money!

When you clear out the junk that weighs you down, you set yourself FREE to enjoy being the person you’re happy to be.

I invite you to give yourself the gifts of clearing your life. Starting today.