Do you ever feel a time in your life where you keep on being in awful circumstances or meeting awful people and you feel like you are in a vicious cycle of bad luck?

Put it in a blunt way, it’s like bad luck, how do you break through that?

How do you turn things around in the energy of your life?

I want you to know that you can break through that! You can turn things around because I have been through that, my clients have been through that. And so how do you do it?

Step Back

One of the things to turn things around is that instead of firstly attaching your feelings, yourself, your mood to what people give to you. It’s time to step back and remind yourself that they are not the masters of your life.

The Creator of the universe is the master of your life.

Step back and say to yourself:

“Hey! I’m not attached to what they tell me, what they do to me. I can’t be affected, I’m angry, I’m upset, but I would like to right now return my focus and center and connect to the creator of the universe.”

Seek for Your Honest Space

The next thing you can do is I want you to ask the Creator of the universe to give you space and the time to express your bad feelings.

Don’t suppress the negativity, release them; and then you can start inviting the positive energy into your life.

Well, we have been reading everywhere about positive thinking, that’s cool but they don’t work unless you clear the bad feelings first.

On this second step, I invite you to express the bad feelings, the low feelings to the creator of the universe.

Here’s a sample conversation to guide you:

“Creator of the universe, it has been so stressful for me,

I’ve been meeting such and such circumstances and people in the past days.

Right now I’d like to release my anger into your divine light.

Thank you for clearing the stickiness, the darkness in my heart, the low feelings.

Right now, I need your support to clear them out from my life.”

Strengthen and Nourish Yourself with Thanksgiving

The third step now is to invite the Creator and make room for what He has to offer you.

You can start by uttering this honest prayer in your own words:

“Creator, find spaces in me to fill Your mercy, grace, unconditional love and peace that surpasses all understanding.

I receive all these from You to nourish my energy.

I receive them right now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

To completely seal all the good energy and blessings the Creator is about to supply you with, it’s time to say “Thank You”.

 “Creator of the universe,

thank you for using me as your grace, your peace, your divine light and love.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for setting my day or my week or my month up to meet people in the highest and best way.

Thank you for arranging my life in your divine structure and order.

Thank you for organizing my life in such a way that I am divinely connected to people who want to be good to me just as I am now willing and available to be someone who wants to be good to other people.”

Saying Thank You is not a manifestation of wishful thinking, it is an expression of trust and confidence that the Creator heard you and all you asked for will be arriving on your plate.

It’s not “I’m hoping”, it’s not “I’m wishing”,

It is “I know you have heard me, I know that you are setting in motion what I requested from you.”

This is acting based on your trust in the creator of the universe that when you put our prayer out there

that creator is listening and the creator is not just listening, he will actually take action towards what you have put out there.

Do you understand what it is like? It is releasing the bad energy, nourishing the good energy, and then ask for what you would like in your life and that’s to be connected to people in a divine way.

Say You’re Available

And number four is to say that “Hey Creator, I’m available!”

Present yourself to be a champion of goodness, that what you would like to receive, you’re willing to give first.

I will be a starter of honest and deep conversations because that’s what I want in my relationship.

I will be generous in sharing my wisdom because I only want people who honor good perspective in my life.

I will be a giver of hope and inspiration because I welcome these kinds of positivity in my circle.

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