Are you in a situation that makes you feel like you have no choice, that you are powerless?

Let me start with a story about a client who I work with who said that for the past 10 years, she has never felt so confident and beautiful as she is today.

Very often in her relationships, she seems to attract people who put her in a situation where she has to compromise herself.

Many moments she had to discount herself to say yes to things she does not want to say yes to. She is afraid that when she says no to them she will be lonely, she will be disliked, or she will be ostracized.

She grew up in an environment where she can’t say no to things.

So she finds herself stressed out, overwhelmed, and doing things that she doesn’t feel inspired to do at work. In relationships, she finds herself swallowing bitter pills of situations she doesn’t agree with and she doesn’t like.

Is this something that you can relate to?

Here are two tools I’m gonna help you breakthrough.

Learn how to say “No, Thank you”

Practice saying “No” to what you really don’t want to do and what you don’t feel inspired to do.

And the only one who can say no to that thing you want to say no to is actually you.

Learn how to say “Yes, Thank you”

Start saying yes to things that you want.

It may sound so simple but seriously, a lot of us can’t say Yes because we feel unworthy.

For the people I have counseled over the years, they have trouble saying yes to what they want.

When you feel like deep down you are not worthy of good things in life, you are not worth what you dream for, you have a hard time to say yes to the things you want.

And you somehow have an easier time to say yes to things you don’t want. You feel like you are sabotaging yourself, and that’s true because deep down you feel like you are not worth it.

So I am challenging you to say yes…

Say yes to things you want to pick up but never thought you could ever pick up.

People may say “maybe it’s impossible for you, you can’t do it, it’s too late.”

People can say what they want to say but seriously, you decide for yourself.

You reclaim your power and say what is yes for you, and what’s no for you.

You have the power to decline what you no longer want to tolerate in your life, and exit, and walk away.

And you have the power to say yes to what you have been longing for, desiring for, and now you’re going to try that out for yourself.

You are the best spokesperson for yourself. If you’re not going to speak up for yourself, who is going to speak up for you.

If you are not going to take care of your energy, your time, and even your money who is going to take care of that for you?

So the bottom line is this: let your yes be yes, and your no be no.

When you are someone who means what you say, whose yes is really yes, whose no is really no, people will start to respect your yes and your no’s.

And when people respect what you say because they know that you are someone who means what you say, your self-worth, and your self-value actually increases.

And let me tell you, the people who really care about you will rise up to your standard.

And the only way that you can increase your value, self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self- respect is by starting to learn how to say yes and mean it, and say no and mean it.

Sending you good energy this moment.

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