My favourite money lesson learned after going from $0.60 in bank account to a debt worth $157,000 and creating a multi 6-figure business from scratch:⁣⁣

You can be broke in your bank account today. ⁣

But when you cultivate a rich spirit, rich belief system, and rich heart — I guarantee it’s only a matter of time ⁣you will Breakthrough in your financial situation. ⁣

  • RICH SPIRIT: You have values, vision, purpose, and connection with Creator).⁣
  • RICH BELIEF SYSTEM: You have truth-based beliefs.
  • RICH HEART: You take charge of your emotional well-being.⁣

But when you have a ⁣POOR-BASED spirit, ⁣impoverished belief system⁣, and a chronic anxiety-stricken energy.

⁣Even if you⁣ win the lottery, inherit millions of dollars, or get a rich boyfriend/husband.

⁣Even if you ⁣earn a hefty sum with A LOT of hard work…⁣⁣

Most likely, ⁣everything will be gone sooner or later. ⁣

And before you know it, you slip into that⁣ familiar heavy feeling of ⁣anxiety, panic and ‘NOT-ENOUGH’. ⁣⁣

I learned this lesson ⁣only after a 6-figure mistake. ⁣

But you don’t need to go through catastrophe to learn this. ⁣⁣

You can learn this now. ⁣