Wrapping up the topic on Finances, Breakthrough Women podcast answers the struggle of a woman whose finances are just enough for the family’s daily needs, but not for other enjoyable things. Is it possible to rise above the normal? Valerie Grace tells it’s nothing short of impossible! Abundance is possible!

Listen to this episode and experience your best life yet.

  • [2:26] Valerie shares an analogy that will help you experience abundance and fun in the family. Hop in!
  • [4:25] Love yourself while paying your debt? It’s highly encouraged by Valerie. And remember, she was able to get out of her 6-figure dollar debt in 14 months! Listen to how Valerie spent her money at that time she was on the rock-bottom.
  • [6:22] People thought Valerie was crazy as they see her spend her money despite her huge debt. But should we listen to all the voices we hear? Here’s Valerie’s advice.
  • [9:45] Our mindsets can do a lot of damage or help on our finances and lifestyle. Do you have these negative perspectives that Valerie is talking about? It’s time to change your mind.

Download the transcript here.