The last two episodes witnessed the rock-bottom struggle of Valerie Grace having a 6-figure debt. We also learned of how Valerie got out of that nightmare in just 14 months as she shared practical tips in the last podcast.

On this session, Valerie shares the fastest way to breakthrough financially and in other areas as she encourages us to make our best investment yet. What could that be? Find out in this podcast.

  • [5:50] With 6-figure debt and only $500 left on her bank account, how could Valerie spend that last penny on herself and still got out of her debts? Find out the secret and the principle behind it.
  • [9:29] Have you ever tried transferring your money to someone else but when you checked, it is still in your possession? Well, maybe not physically but it’s possible! Confused by what we mean? Listen to this witty analogy from Valerie Grace.
  • [11:25] By making her best investment yet, people came knocking on Valerie’s door just within one month to join her consultation program. How did she do it? Grab your headphones and listen to this podcast now.
  • [14:46] “How much do you believe in yourself?” a question worth pondering thrown by Valerie. Hop in for the entire context and have a meaningful self-discovery.

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