On the previous episode, Valerie Grace shared how she got herself into a 6-figure debt because of her business. But in one year and four months, financial experts surrounding her were shocked to see her breakthrough in finances!

In the second part talking about this topic, Valerie shares very practical steps on how to say goodbye to your debts up to the last centavo.

  • [2:00] Are you also guilty of finding how much expenses you spent? Spoiler: overcoming this is the first step to breaking free from your debt. Hop in to found out more practical steps!
  • [4:00] “You can do math!” Valerie encourages us to stop being afraid of numbers. Listen to how Valerie did it and find inspiration.
  • [6:20] Paying huge debts can be very overwhelming… but this simple step from Valerie makes a great impact on your finances. Want to find out what it is?
  • [7:50] Here’s the part where Valerie story-tells ‘how’ she handed the payment to her debtors without shame and a defeating attitude. A lot of us need to imitate her example on this part.
  • [13:50] After a rock-bottom debt, Valerie tried climbing up the mountain of success again. But God had a different story for her. On this part, Valerie shares how her consulting business commenced.
  • [19:00] “Where do you put your money?” Valerie ends the episode with the most unusual step on how to protect your money. Try and apply it for yourself.

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