“How do I get out of this debt when I’m even dead broke?”

In this podcast, an SOS call is thrown to Valerie Grace on how to breakthrough from a 5-figure debt. Our breakthrough counselor shares of her victory from a 6-figure debt in just one year and four months. How did she make it? Find out in the first part on this topic!

  • [3:05] Valerie shares 2 big tips on how to avoid getting trapped in huge debt. Hop in to listen.
  • [4:40] Have you ever been in a depressing stage in your life and getting bible verses and prayers from people honestly just make you feel more resentful? Here’s what you should do instead!
  • [6:50] “I can’t do math. Let my accountant do that job.” Did you know that this mindset and a whole lot more has led to Valerie’s huge debt in the past? Jump into this part and find out other wrong beliefs that are actually sabotaging your finances.
  • [10:00] If you are excited to find out how Valerie got out of her debts that even the financial experts surrounding her were shocked to witness her breakthrough, listen from this mark onwards.
  • [16:25] Towards the end of this episode, host Andrea asks Valerie to share other notions that may inversely impact our finances. Listen here to know what thoughts to avoid!

This topic continues in the next episode so don’t miss. Here’s where you can get the transcript for this podcast.