“He did not turn out to be the person I dreamed to be.”

Familiar? At this episode, Valerie answers the question by sharing a story of her client for a 6-month program; a wife who considers divorce with the husband who bore her the child she most loved. They used to have the most romantic love story others would want to have, but as years had gone by, the intimacy staled. Every day was filled with unmet expectations.

Are you on the same journey? Listen to this episode today and find your heart confronted. Save your relationship in this 13-minute podcast.

  • [3:50] After series of calls and conversations, Valerie’s Breakthrough Program helped the client uncover the problem. You will be shocked to find out that what trapped them and led the couple on the verge of their relationship could also be real to you and a lot of marriages around you. Listen to the story now!
  • [4:37] On the wife’s first assignment with Speed of Grace’s program, she already experienced a breakthrough in their romance. She realized hope is at hand for the marriage. Want to save yours? This activity might also work!
  • [6:17] Valerie shares a secret to a harmonious relationship with your husband. Avoid conflicts and break-ups as you apply this!
  • [8:20] At this point, Valerie challenges all of us women to change our approach and perspective towards our man which is contrary to what our present culture views.
  • [10:36] How do we encourage honesty in our communication? Are we open to each other? Is my man sharing his heart out, or are there things he keeps to himself and rather not open up? If you want a relationship this intimate with your husband, never miss this part.
  • [12:08] To end, Valerie feeds us with doses of encouragement as we learn to be a better lover and wife.

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