In this podcast, Valerie shares the hilarious things she did for love yet still ended up with wrong people and hurtful relationships. Valerie has bought books on dating, googled what to text to men to strike conversations, and downloaded apps on dating. Relatable?

Looking at the photos of your friends with their partners or seeing a post on Instagram of lovely couples have caused many women to look for our own love story, but in the wrong places!

Find out how Valerie found the love of her life in a seemingly out-of-this-world way as she shares tips based on her own experience.

  • [8:00] There are two extremes single ladies do just to get the love that they are aching to have. One can be very damaging and expensive, while one can be so passive that will bring no result. Which extreme do you belong? Listen to this part to get rid of these extremes.
  • [10:30] “What should be my standard when picking the right person for me?” Get your journal and pen and join Valerie Grace as she guides you on a reflection activity to help you answer this question.
  • [11:49] As in the previous episodes, Valerie is just good at asking questions that unfold the secrets of your heart. At this part of the podcast, Valerie shares a question she asked herself which brought real breakthroughs on how she views her love life.
  • [12:40] Get your stationery ready at this part! Valerie shares how she faced the problem of longing for a partner in a creative way, which you can do as well!
  • [14:00] Interested about how the love story of Valerie and her Lebanese husband started? She shared their story at this part!
  • [17:20] Did you know that Valerie had specific characteristics she was looking for in a man like “being exotic” yet “in love with her culture”? She had a list of weird characteristics combined yet her husband possessed all that. Want to find out how it happened? She spoke about it on this part!
  • [19:28] If you’re in a hurry and will have no time to listen to this entire episode until later, you may jump to this point and listen the 2 principles shared by Valerie on being single for too long. (But make sure to listen to the entire podcast later!)

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