Have you ever heard someone congratulate you for being frustrated? In this podcast, Valerie Grace gives a thumbs up to people who feel frustrated because they get bored in life.

For this round of talk with Speed of Grace’s Breakthrough Catalyst, Valerie Grace answers an SOS message from a sender who feels bored with life and the latter does not like it. Valerie’s unconventional view is quite striking, you won’t want to miss this gem.

If you feel tired running on the mundane, the activities that challenged you then have sounded dull now, and the things you once enjoyed no longer brings you sparks, this episode will speak to your heart of hearts.

  • [2:58] At the beginning of this podcast, Valerie throws a question that has awakened many hearts she has worked with. The simple point to ponder caused many women to change their lives. If you need revival in the way you approach your life altogether, ask yourself this question as well!
  • [4:30] At this part, our Breakthrough Catalyst recalls a principle shared on the previous episode which can also be applied to this issue of boredom. Hear a gist at this part or get a copy of the previous podcast entitled “Losing Faith”.
  • [10:00] If you’re the person who lost the colors of life and only see things in black and white, Valerie Grace shares deep revelation on this part of the podcast. Whether you are religious or not, the truth she throws will refresh your soul.
  • [11:10] Want a real-life story? Jump here to hear the story of Paul, a client for the Breakthrough Women program. You can relate to this woman who worked so hard to keep everything in her life in place, yet still feels empty despite everything on her plate. One thing was amiss: the principle that Valerie teaches! Listen to how her story shifted when she applied Valerie’s secret to a breakthrough life.

Get the transcript here.