In this second podcast for Breakthrough Women Program, Valerie Grace receives a letter from a woman who is losing her grip on God because of the issues in her life.

The truth is, she’s not alone. You and I have reached that point where our life just crumbles down before our eyes and we don’t know what to do. She begins with an illustration that will help you appreciate the chunks of truths towards becoming a Breakthrough Woman.

With honest wit and wisdom, Valerie helps us uncover our biggest mistake yet as we navigate through this life addressing only symptoms, but never curing the root of the problem at all. In this episode, Valerie invites us to take an honest look at our issues…

  • [02:21] Are we solving the real problem or the problematic results of the problem? Find out how you can save your life from crumbling down with this simple yet profound principle.
  • [04:20] Have you ever tried sacrificing and paying so much just to deal with a problem, only to discover another problem sprouting? It could be because you’ve committed this biggest mistake on approaching our issues in life! Go with Valerie here and change how you confront your issues.
  • [07:28] On the verge of quitting on your faith in God? Try this unpopular approach and you will experience a beautiful difference in your own inward self. Valerie shares honest-to-goodness spiritual insights beginning on this part which can surely change the tone of your season on a whole new level.
  • [09:37] If you want to get into the main message of this episode, jump here! This is where Valerie’s conclusion begins. (But if you want to get the entire cake of this session because hey why get a slice if you can get the whole part? We encourage you to listen from the beginning.)
  • [09:50] Valerie ends the talk by sharing a happy ending to the illustration she spoke of in the beginning, if the principles she mentioned are applied. Other women already experienced a breakthrough in their faith (and other facets of life thereafter), it’s your time now!

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