We live in a fast-paced world where we can get what we want instantly. Technology has made everything within our reach with a little amount of time. And because of this advance pacing of our world, we look at ourselves and get frustrated of the slowness of the process we have to go through in life.

In this last and final episode of the Breakthrough Women Program podcast, Valerie Grace answer’s a question from a woman who is so invested in experiencing a breakthrough, but experiences it no less.

Valerie’s advice? Listen in this culminating episode.

  • [4:34] When someone is so willing to experience a breakthrough, that person might have read so many books, listened to multiple podcasts, and have spent so much me time like Valerie has been advising us for the past episodes. But there’s still one thing you lack, and this may be the most important factor. Listen now and don’t miss anything for your breakthrough!
  • [6:50] To understand the most important principle further, learn how Valerie survived in a country of a foreign language, with a slightly different culture, and with nobody to call as her own. This journey has brought so much wisdom on her now. Listen, it’s your turn to grow with wits as well.
  • [9:30] With all the empowering wisdom Valerie Grace shared all throughout the Breakthrough Women podcast, this one and final principle binds it all together in harmony.

Get the transcript of this episode here.