How much money have you saved for yourself, for emergency, and for the future? Some don’t want these questions asked, because the answer could be nothing. As in, literally, nothing – nothing saved up in the bank.

Or worse, you have negative in your cash record. You have to face to debts from family, friends, and other loan sharks. Today’s episode talks about this dilemma of not having enough. Money in, money out.

What you can learn from this podcast:

  • [3:45] Valerie’s secret that helped her rise above a six-figure debt. Like you, Valerie Grace had a financial problem so deep she didn’t know how to get out of it, until she finds out something. Hop in and be free of your debts.
  • [4:40] Are you the person who finds comfort in giving things away but don’t have the guts to receive from others? Even when you know you deserve it? There might be something that needs to be fixed. Find out in this episode.
  • [11:00] “I think rich people are selfish.” What are your perceptions about people who are successful and blessed with much? Valerie Grace discovered that our belief system might be affecting our living system. Learn more here.

Get the transcript of this episode here.