Dear mommies, have you woken up one morning with tears running down your face feeling like an ugly duckling? Just like many mothers, today’s episode caters to a woman who feels she’s no longer beautiful. This negative energy has been affecting her, her husband, and other people around her.

Listen to this podcast from Valerie Grace at City Radio Online today.

  • [7:15] Mothers are just the most selfless heroes in the world. But what if someone told you, you are more than you children’s mother or your husband’s lover? Listen to this part right here and be transformed in your mind. Truly, it will change how you see yourself in the mirror the next time.
  • [7:25] How will you make yourself feel beautiful again? Listen to this very important tip from Valerie Grace.
  • [12:40] Valerie Grace shares an important lesson at this part which will change our relationship with our husband for the better. In turn, this also changes our view for our self.
  • [16:10] This mindset of negativity gravely affects your children the most. Learn how to renew your thinking with this advise from the Breakthrough Women program.
  • [16:55] Get the most prized lesson on how to answer this problem of losing your feeling of “beauty” at this part as the episode comes to a close.

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