Are you happy and growing in your relationships? Or are you just settling for what you’re used to having, including the abuse and heartaches you’re getting?

In this episode of Breakthrough Women Podcast with City Radio Online, Valerie talks on a frequently asked topic from her clients and the people around her. It’s an issue common to a lot of women around you and me. If you are or know someone who is, experiencing toxic relationships, get your headsets and listen to the podcast today.

Highlights from discussion include…

  • [4:30] Valerie Grace shares about her client who has it all together in terms of career, finance, even talents, but settles for a relationship that makes her feel the worst. If you hear what her boyfriend reveals as to why he treats her badly, you’ll be shocked at his perspective.
  • [10:15] How do you break away from a toxic relationship? Does this mean we need to break-up immediately? Listen to tips from Valerie Grace.
  • [11:38] “To love is to be vulnerable” – that’s what C.S. Lewis said in one of his literary masterpieces. Suffering can be part of a loving relationship. But when can you say that the relationship has become toxic? Learn the signs here.
  • [14:48] Listen to true stories of this Breakthrough Woman who had been Valerie’s client who used to be bound in a relationship she didn’t want to get out of even if it took all of her energy, self-love, and even money. Discover how she got out of it here.
  • [17:17] Want to move on and save yourself from toxic relationships? Breakthrough Woman program has this tip to share with you.
  • [18:38] Who are your energy vampires? You might have met some or have been around these people for a while.

Get the transcript of this episode here.