“I don’t think I am attractive.”

Is that your daily mantra? This question haunts almost every woman every single day. In this podcast, Valerie shares stories of breakthrough women who have risen above lie they hear from voices telling them every day that they are not enough.

Dear breakthrough woman, you are enough, and you have a beauty that is uniquely yours. As you listen to this podcast, you will discover how to wake up feeling more confidently beautiful with the stories of Valerie and other women like you.

Tune in and unleash your best version yet.

  • [04:15] The first Breakthrough Woman she has ever met was her Mom. In this part, Valerie shares the funny routine her mom does every single morning which helped cultivate the confident, beautiful woman that her mother is!
  • [4:50] And because of this simple activity which you can also do on a daily basis, everybody around her mom is drawn to her soul and beauty naturally. Want to find out this secret to becoming attractive?
  • [06:48] Listen to this point if you want to hear the true-to-life story of a client for the Breakthrough Women Program who shared her loneliness with Valerie. She and Valerie worked together until they finally were able to sort out the root of the problem. And you know what? Her aura transformed from dull to vibrant after that, every single day. The secret? Valerie tells!
  • [11:47] This part right here calls for reflection. So make sure to carry some notebook and pen to participate even on your earphones! Don’t forget some tissues, for you might get so involved you thought you’re in a deep conversation with someone next to you. This could be your favorite part, as Valerie shares a wonderful way to confront your past.

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