Have you ever declined going on a date because of fear of getting tongue-tied? To a lot of women, it’s keeping a list of topics to talk about that brings more pressure. True enough, even our Breakthrough Catalyst Valerie Grace confessed she used to google dating topics before.

In this episode of the Breakthrough Women Program podcast, Valerie and host Andrea talks about how to increase your confidence to go out and have meaningful conversations with your date.

  • [2:25] If you have been listening to this podcast for a while, Valerie repeats here a principle she already shared in the past episodes. Truly, this secret encompasses not just health, career, but even dating as well. Review what that is on this part!
  • [2:56] What if you are told that the way you approach dating is why it is actually breaking your heart? Save yourself from more heartaches by changing your perspective. Hear a tough, sweet, and very life-changing mindset that Valerie shares at this point.
  • [4:25] Maybe you’re no longer having fun, that’s why you’re not having fun! Oops, did I just spoil it right there? Understand how to make your date feel going out with you is worth doing again when you follow Valerie’s advice. It’s on this part!
  • [12:28] Valerie shares an awkward date she had where she had to work out her “exit strategy”. Are you contemplating moving out of your dating relationship? Learn from this comic story of Valerie!

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