“I have three children and since I gave birth to them I have not been able to lose my pregnancy weight. I’ve tried everything; dieting, exercise regimes and even health and weight loss supplements. Nothing seems to work,”

Can you feel the agony of the caller? Her frustration is not unique. Every woman has her own battle against its body. It’s true, isn’t it? While you see the fit woman flaunting her admirable beauty on billboards, you look at the reflection in the mirror and don’t find yourself doing enough.

In today’s podcast, Breakthrough Catalyst Valerie Grace unveils why we can’t achieve our body goals with strict diet. Find out how she helped her clients grow healthy bodies, without telling them to stop eating rice! How comforting, right?

  • [3:15] Valerie starts by asking a question that lets you ponder. Make sure to pause when you reach this part. Here you will discover why you have been eating and gaining weight a lot recently, despite your “strict diet”.
  • [7:30] Have you been sabotaging your health with your self-imposed diet? It’s time for your body to experience breakthrough. Find out how.
  • [8:30] Did you know that Valerie used to have an irritable bowel syndrome? At this point, she shared how she has overcome that sickness. She also shared about this health problem at the 1st episode of the Breakthrough Women podcast.
  • [11:30] This part is this episode’s golden gem! You might actually realize on this part that the way you solve your problems in the physical realm was wrong all along. Start solving your problem right, listen to this part.
  • [11:50] “You know what, after I eat this way I found myself snacking lesser because I am so satisfied, and it’s so interesting that I lose weight without working out.” This was what Valerie’s client shares after she was advised on the best way to do it through the Breakthrough Women program. Do you want to experience this too? Listen now!
  • [13:00] Ready your pen and notebook for a few proven food tips from Valerie Grace on this part.

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