Do you want to know the woman behind Breakthrough Women program?

Before she was a woman who leads others to experience breakthroughs in a very short span of time – in a Speed of Grace –, Valerie Grace was found on the rock-bottom for all aspects of her life: emotion, finances, relationship, and health.

In this pilot podcast for Breakthrough Women Program at City Radio, Valerie Grace will take us to her life story that made her into the spiritual counselor that she is today.

  • [02:45] How did this gift to release freedom to others were revealed to Valerie? In this part, you will learn how she discovered her ability to help others get out of the mud! She even gets recommendations from psychologists and psychiatrists themselves.
  • [05:22] Valerie shares about a moment as a 21-year-old fresh graduate from a Bible where she was diagnosed with a sickness which family thought she was possessed. Yes, she got THAT low that you would be amazed to see how she is doing now! 😊
  • [07:22] Jump to this part if you want to know the very highlight of this podcast where Valerie finds out a BIG REVELATION that made her who she is today.
  • [10:40] Have you been chunked into a deep financial debt? Valerie had! And she got rid 80% of that 6-figure problem in just 10 months. She told briefly about that part of her life at this point.
  • [14:43] From here onwards, Valerie shares the things she has learned in the low moments of her life. Truly, our times in the valley get us prepared for mountaintop successes.

Listen to this podcast today. Or download the transcript here.